Ask me a stoner question & I WILL RATE YOUR BLOG!


    1. Bong, bowl, vaporizer or hookah?
    2. Who are your favorite people to toke with and why?
    3. Indoors or outdoors while stoned?
    4. Favorite munchies?
    5. Top 5 reasons why you love weed?
    6. Ever made yourself something to smoke out of?
    7. Favorite method of smoking?
    8. How old were you when you first started smoking weed?
    9. Favorite activity to do when high?
   10. Do you prefer to smoke with a group or alone?

Or make up your own***

Ask me these please?


1. Favorite strains?

2. Favorite shows to watch while high?

3. Favorite video games to play while high?

4. Favorite food to eat after smoking?

5. Favorite way to smoke?

6. Best stoned memory?

7. Best stoner buddies?

8. Who was your weed guru?

9. Why do you smoke?

10. When did you…